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Set in Los Angeles over the course of a 12 hour work day, To Protect and To Serve follows a day in the life of two LAPD Patrol Officers. Along the way, they take part in the capture of a robbery suspect, are first on the scene when a gun-toting man takes a woman hostage, mediate a fight, and, most rewardingly, help to find a young kidnap victim.

Every one of the LAPD Officers in the film is played by a real LAPD Officer who demonstrates the real skills of his or her LAPD job. Police Officers Pablo P. Vitar and Cassandra Britt Nickerson star as the Patrol Officers, and are supported by Officers from SWAT, Bike Patrol, K-9, Air Support, and Community Relations. The movie was filmed completely within the City of LA. Viewers will recognize Koreatown, Echo Park. the 6th Street Bridge and the boardwalk in Venice.

This film, which is cut into three 3 minute trailers, is directed by popular music video director JC Barros, and was shot over 5 days. The voice over was performed by Ashton Smith, recognizable as the voice of many movie trailers and television networks. The trailers are an instrumental tool in encouraging and educating today’s youth about how to seek a career in the LAPD because the wide varieties of careers available in the LAPD are humanized on the screen in a creative, informative and entertaining manner.

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