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Personal Rewards

Above and beyond the financial rewards, being a Police Officer with the LAPD brings significant personal rewards. Hear what a few Officers find most rewarding about their job and what "to protect and to serve" means to them.

As A Team (thumbnail image)

As A Team

"Being a part of the LAPD is like having a front row seat on life! You are always right in the middle of everything. Taking action in such a proactive manner is empowering and rewarding."

As A Woman (thumbnail image)

As A Woman

"When I was fifteen I saw a special on police officers. It specifically focused on a female officer, and from that point forward I knew what I would do with my life. There is no doubt that my job is tough. It takes a lot of work. Officers are human too! But, knowing that you are out there everyday, making a difference in people's lives, is the most rewarding aspect."

My Dream

I always wanted to be a police officer for as long as I can remember. When I was six years old, I would talk about it.

My Community (thumbnail image)

My Community

Growing up I was always around role models in politics, law enforcement and leaders of the community. I knew I wanted to become one of these figures.

My Country (thumbnail image)

My Country

Working in this city as a member of the LAPD SWAT team has allowed me to see and experience things that most people will never see or do in a lifetime, I've been in at least a hundred situations in which I could have been hurt had I not been paying close attention to what I was doing.

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