LAPD Fast-Track Testing Process 

  • To participate, please select Fast-Track Testing when you fill out your Police Officer Application by checking the box next to the instructions. 
  • To move forward in the fast-track process, you must agree to the following conditions: 
    o   Complete both the Multiple-Choice Test and the Personal History Statement (PHS) within 15 calendar days of the date that you submit your application.
    o   You will be fast-tracked to have time available to schedule and complete your Department Interview, Physical Fitness Qualifier, Medical examination, and Polygraph appointments within two weeks of the date you pass the PHS. 
  • If you pass all your test parts without experiencing any deferrals or unforeseen delays, you can expect to be appointed to an academy class within 4 months of the date you submitted your myPD application.
  • If you do not complete the Multiple-Choice test and PHS within 15 calendar days of submitting your application or are not available to schedule the subsequent test parts during the two week period after you pass the PHS, you will be dropped from the fast-track process and returned to the standard testing process. 
  • Out of town candidates who may have trouble meeting these conditions should call 213-473-9060 after passing the PHS, to schedule remaining test parts.