Step 2 - Personal Qualifications Essay

The Personal Qualifications Essay (PQE) consists of essay questions related to judgment, decision making, and behavioral flexibility. Your written communication skills will also be evaluated. The passing score for the PQE portion is 70% or higher, and your score is valid for 18 months. If you fail, you may retake the PQE after three months.

You MUST present a valid State or Federal issued photo identification card when appearing for the test. Any candidate who does not have a valid State or Federal issued photo identification card WILL NOT be allowed to take the test.

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As you continue forward with your application we encourage you to take your Physical Fitness Qualifier as soon as possible. Most candidates who take the PFQ once go on to take it multiple times to track their progress and ensure that they are prepared to enter the Academy. Your goal is to achieve a minimum PFQ score of 50. To help increase your score, take advantage of the free Candidate Advancement Program (CAP), click here for info.