Step 4 – Polygraph Examination and Department Interview

The Polygraph Examination is conducted to confirm information obtained during the selection process.

Plain talk about this test part: For some, this is the most daunting part of the process. Relax, be yourself, and tell the truth.

The Department Interview will be conducted by a panel to assess your personal accomplishments, job motivation, with Problem Solving Skills, interpersonal skills, community involvement/awareness, and oral communication skills. Only those candidates who pass this part of the process will receive a Conditional Job Offer. If you fail, you may retake the Department Interview after 3 months. If you prefer to waive the waiting period, contact your LAPD Advisor at 213-473-3450.

Candidates should schedule their PFQ.

Please note that PFQ's are by appointment only.

The Physical Fitness Qualifier (PFQ) takes place during the first 7 calendar days of each month. Please self-schedule on your myPD candidate portal or contact a Recruitment Officer at 213-473-3450 for scheduling assistance.  Candidate Advancement Program registration is unavailable during the first 7 calendar days of each month, as it is reserved for PFQ appointments.  Candidates are encouraged to take the PFQ every month to see improvement and work on building a better score.


COVID19 Response

To help keep our Police Candidates and the General Public Safe and do our part to slow the spread of COVID19, the Oral Prep is cancelled until further notice.

Click here for our helpful Oral Prep video.

Oral Prep Sample Questions:

Why do you want to be an LAPD Police Officer?

  • Give sincere and sensible answer.  It is okay to mention stability, benefits, and flexible work schedule as long as that’s not the sole purpose.

  • Know why the LAPD exists. (Mission, Core Values)


What have you done to prepare for this career?

  • Think back to childhood, any volunteer work, church work, education, work, military, and life experience.  Highlight your relevant experience, goals and aspirations in line with what a Police Officer’s duties are. Showcase why you are the best person for the job. 


Tell us about a conflict you had with someone and how did you handle it (example:  neighbor, school, job; other than family)

  • Consider situations in past jobs that involved disagreements.  A miscommunication with a coworker may have angered you because it led to a negative review from your supervisor.

  • Identify the conflict, what did you do to resolve the conflict, and what was the outcome?

What do you feel would be the most difficult or challenging task/situation as an LAPD officer?

Think about everything a police officer will have to deal with.

Have you ever been given constructive criticism where it affected your performance?

  • Positive or negative.  How did you respond?



  • 1-2 MINUTES.  Develop a good last impression.  Develop a concise summary of your strengths and why you are the right person for the job.​

  • Be courteous and thank the board for the opportunity to interview.

  • Prepare for the Department Interview by attending Oral Prep.


Oral Prep Seminar, Mondays at 10 am
Pre-Register on Eventbrite at, to receive the Zoom link in your email.
Attendance is limited to 25, pre-register asap to ensure a spot!

  • The Los Angeles Police Department has a dedicated group of mentors that are actual Police Officers. For information and tips on how to prepare for the LAPD hiring process, Contact an Advisor.