LAPD SkillBridge Program

The Los Angeles Police Department has partnered with the Department of Defense and the SkillBridge program.  Looking for your next career step after your military Service? Are you within 180 days of release from Active Duty? SkillBridge can help Service members bridge the gap between the end of service and the beginning of their civilian careers.

Four basic hiring requirements
  • 20 yrs or older
  • Proof that you are legally authorized to work in the US
  • No Felony Convictions
  • High School Diploma, GED or equivalent

It is recommended that you start our SkillBridge application when your 10 months from your end of service but not required.  Our program is available between 3-6 months from your end of service contract.  You must have completed and passed the Los Angeles Police Departments multiple choice exam which can be taken online or in-person to be approved in our program.

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Candidates will be able to waive the multiple-choice test if they satisfy any of the following conditions:
  • They have successfully completed the California POST Regular Basic Course within the last three years;
  • They possess a current Basic Course Waiver;  
  • They have taken the California P.O.S.T. Pellet-B test and earned an overall T-score of 42 or higher.

Service members who attend our internship will be assigned to one of our 21 geographical patrol divisions.  You will participate in ride alongs with patrol supervisors and outings not limited to recruitments events, community events and citizen academies. SkillBridge Program Service Members will be provided a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight and training that will enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities in preparation for a position as a police officer.  Participants will be exposed to a variety of law enforcement administrative duties as they advance through the selection process.  As this is an intern position, no salary or benefits will be provided by the Department.

All candidates for the police officer position must complete and pass a seven-step hiring process.  Those steps include a Multiple-Choice Exam, Personal History Statement, Physical Fitness Qualifier, Polygraph Examination, Department Interview, Medical Evaluation, Background Investigation and Psychological Evaluation.  Upon successfully completing the seven-step selection process, each candidate will be certified for hire.

For questions regarding the SkillBridge Program Email :
Officer Olivares  #38917 at 213-473-3488
Officer Ibarra #39148 at 213-473-3458
Senior Lead Officer Hoffman
#35971 at 213-473-3485