Los Angeles Police Department has a dedicated group of advisors that are
experienced Police Officers ready to help you through the selection process.  

Advisors will provide you with guidance regarding:
  • Info about recruitment events
  • Assistance with filling out documentation and preparing for test parts
  • Help with preparing for the Police Academy
  • Any additional questions you may have
If you need assistance text: 213-238-LAPD(5273)
Officer Gourdine
Officer Gourdine
Originally from Los Angeles, Officer Gourdine has spent over 18 years on the force. Some of his experience includes patrol in Harbor Division, narcotic and vice detail, detective work focusing on auto-detail, CRASH - gang detail, and the Kids and Cops Program. One of his fondest memories of his time on the force was serving a search warrant, from a helicopter, on stolen cars found in a suspect's backyard. He especially enjoyed his time at Harbor Division because of the great weather. He recommends that candidates go on a ride-along to experience what the job is really like. For candidates that think this job is too dangerous, he says that radio and report writing are 80% of the work. Considering himself a candidate advocate, he deeply connects to candidates going through the process and wants them to succeed. Despite the fact that he never shot a gun before the academy, he was able to master the craft, and breezed through thanks to his experience running long distances in college. He is a big fan of the movie "42" - about Jackie Robinson, loves landscaping, and enjoys soul-food.
213.473.3495 or via email at
Officer Carganilla
Officer Jamie Carganilla
Originally from Los Angeles, Officer Carganilla has spent 9 years with the LAPD. She has experience working patrol in various divisions, as well as working with the community as a Youth Service Officer for Topanga Division’s at risk youth. She is currently assigned as a Candidate Advisor in Recruitment and Employment Division, and it has been her most fulfilling assignment yet! Prior to becoming a police officer, she was a professional singer and actor. She worked in Broadway shows, as well as film and television. She currently works for Disney in her spare time—most recently portraying the voice of Ariel and Princess Elena. She loves being a police officer, and wants candidates to know that this is truly a special job, and can be what you want it to be. There is no mold or singular “type” of person that is right for this job. LAPD needs diverse and interesting people. She says the hardest part of the police academy for her was running, which is why she stresses the importance of attending CAP. She enjoys cooking, snowboarding, reading, and her favorite food is sushi.
213.473.3492 or via email at
Police Officer Badge
Officer Ibarra
Officer Ibarra has spent over 15 years with LAPD. He has experience working patrol, foot beats, and recruitment focusing on preliminary backgrounds, background support, and currently assigned with military section as a Skillbridge program coordinator. One of his greatest
appreciations working for LAPD has been, the opportunity to be an advisor for applicants. He recommends that all applicants experience the Candidate Advancement Program. “Attending the program allows applicants to ask officers to share their career experiences.” During his time
with LAPD, Officer Ibarra was able to return to school and complete his Bachelor’s Degree at Azusa Pacific. Prior to becoming a police officer, he was employed as K-9 security officer at Huntington Memorial Hospital in the City of Pasadena. Officer Ibarra also spent 6 years in the
Marine Corps Reserves with a deployment to Iraq for OIF II. He enjoys Dodger games, watching bio pics and inspirational movies.
213.473.3458 or via email at

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