Step 6 – Field Investigation

The Field Investigation includes checks of employment, police, financial, education, and military records and interviews with family members, neighbors, supervisors, co-workers, and friends. You will be evaluated on your past behavior and the extent to which your behavior demonstrates positive traits that support your candidacy for Police Officer. The Field Investigation provides you the time and opportunity to get in shape for the Academy. You have very few active responsibilities during this step of the process, so we encourage you to attend as many CAP sessions as possible and to continue to take the Physical Fitness Qualifier. 

NOTE: It is of utmost importance that candidates use this time to prepare physically for the rigors of the Academy. It is strongly recommended for candidates to use the CAP program to achieve the proper fitness level for success.

  • The Los Angeles Police Department has a dedicated group of advisors that are actual Police Officers. For information and tips on how to prepare for the LAPD hiring process, Contact an Advisor